Enhanced Financial Reporting and Compliance

What We Do and Why 

Mondial is a cloud-based financial reporting and compliance platform that can work with any accounting system to provide accurate, auditable, and meaningful financial statements in the formats required by company management, regulatory authorities, and other stakeholders.
Group Consolidations

Management Control

Group Consolidations

Regulatory Compliance

  • Management formats
  • Operating currency
  • Actuals v Budgets
  • Variance analysis
  • Group formats
  • Reporting currency
  • Multi-GAAP compliant
  • Net of Intercompany
  • Statutory formats
  • Electronic submission formats
  • Local GAAP-compliant
  • Fully auditable data
There is increasing demand – both internally and external – for near real-time access to financial information,  and at a more detailed level than ever before. Mondial’s centralized hub approach normalizes accounting data from across multiple systems and uses it to provide high quality reports in any currency, to any international reporting standard, and for users operating in any language.

How Mondial Works

Mondial contains intuitive work flows that automate the processes of importing data, mapping it to a consistent format ready for reporting, making final adjustments, and producing templated, auditable output. Mondial includes the following features:


Stores every GL, AP and AR transaction from across the group in one secure location in the cloud


Holds data in every reporting currency even if that currency is not present in the underlying accounting system


Maps each local chart of accounts to corporate or local statutory versions for seamless reporting consistency


Supports adjustments such as eliminations, revaluation and statutory reallocations to ensure GAAP/IFRS compliance


Offers a secure, easy-to-use report writer that allows the creation of unlimited reports in exactly the format required


Allows the inclusion of comparative data from an unlimited number of budgets for performance analysis


Includes drill-down from any reported balance to line-item source transaction details for complete auditability


Provides multiple output formats including On-screen PDF and Excel as well as the output for electronic submission

At Mondial, we protect the huge investment you have made in your existing ERP systems by providing the quality financial reporting output you need for for company, group, and statutory reporting compliance.

What To Do Next 

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