Mondial at the 2024 SAP Partner Summit for SME​

Mondial was there at both the Phoenix and Madrid Summit

Our amazing team at Mondial wasn’t just jet-setting to sunny destinations (although, Phoenix and Madrid don’t hurt!), they were building bridges with incredible VAR/SI partners at the SAP Business One Partner Summits!

The summit was held across three global locations: Singapore (March 12-13), Phoenix, AZ, USA (April 10-12), and Madrid, Spain (April 23-25). This international approach facilitated a broad participation from various regions, accommodating different time zones and local audiences

We had an incredible time connecting with so many fantastic SAP Partners, and we’re excited to collaborate with the partner ecosystem and help win more deals and keep your existing customers happy with Mondial’s powerful financial reporting solutions for businesses everywhere.

SAP Partner for SME summit booth

Here are our Key Takeaways at the 2024 SAP Partner Summit for SME:

  • Focus on Cloud and Innovation: The 2024 SAP Partner Summit for SME emphasized the transition of SAP Business One into a cloud-centric future, addressing the needs of the lower mid-market and small businesses. The summit also highlighted the development of additional capabilities for the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) to support customer growth and business transformation
  • Introduction of New Technologies: A significant announcement at the summit was the introduction of the new SAP generative AI assistant named “Joule,” designed to enhance the SAP user experience. This innovation is part of SAP’s ongoing efforts to integrate cutting-edge technology into their solutions
  • Educational and Networking Opportunities: The summit provided a platform for valuable insights, networking opportunities, and educational resources. It aimed to keep partners informed, connected, and competitive within the SAP ecosystem. This was particularly beneficial for fostering collaborations and staying updated with the latest SAP technologies and market trends
  • Keynote and Agenda Highlights: The agenda included important topics such as the SME Innovation Program, secure deployment of the SAP Business One Web Client, and strategies for running SAP Build Apps. These discussions were aimed at enabling partners to better utilize SAP solutions in enhancing their business operations and service offerings to SMEs

A Big Shoutout

Big shoutout to some of the awesome partners we met with at the Phoenix leg:

Mark VetzelSynesis International, Inc.
Daryl Goodman, CPAVistaVu Solutions
Paul CannonFisher Technology
Nicole LaurierFisher Technology
Tiran MendisInnormax
David OroscoInnormax
Ernest Orosco – Innormax
Wolfgang WanningerLinkedWorld
Adam WalkerCloud4Partners
Jon LieboldConsensus International
Daniel MittmannCloudiax
Scott FrandsenForgestik
Ryan HoweClients First Business Solutions First
Cesar Aviles – Clients First Business Solutions First
Bertus Jacobsaclaros
Irenae Jacobsaclaros
Neal Johnieaclaros
Cameron Fischeraclaros
Len Reo – Attivo Group
Chris Marocchi, MBA– Attivo Group

It was also a pleasure meeting a number of SAP Partners at the SAP Summit in Madrid. Looking forward to working with you all in the near future. 

Advanced Net
Data Unit
Indus Novator
Inecom Group
ITM Develppment
Linked World
Microware Cloud Services
N’Ware Technologies
Percipere Consulting
Sabiz Business Solutions
Seidor One Middle East
Seidor UK
Silver Touch Technologies
SMB Solutions Cloud Services
Synesis International, Inc
Sys-Dat Group

We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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SAP For SME Partner Summit Backdrop

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