Mondial and Cumulus: Global Financial Reporting Boost

BEDFORD, New Hampshire, March 27, 2023.  Mondial Software and Cumulus Consulting today announced a new partnership to enhance financial reporting for manufacturers. This includes users of the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform from Rockwell Automation, which Cumulus has been a specialist in for many years.

The two businesses will work together to support Mondial’s global financial reporting and compliance software platform. The platform works primarily for enterprise companies with distributed operations. These are companies who need a single system for management, group, and statutory financial reporting.  

“Mondial’s product offers great value for any manufacturer”, said David Chidsey, President and Managing Partner of Cumulus. “Especially for businesses operating multiple entities or in multiple countries who need consolidated financials and local statutory financial reports. Doesn’t matter if they use a single solution like Plex across their entire enterprise, or have a mixture of ERP systems. Definitely, Mondial eliminates much of the manual effort these companies usually face”.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Cumulus”, said Mondial’s CEO Mark Richardson. “We already support a range of Plex customers. The value of partnering with a well-respected firm that understands the dynamics of the market cannot be overstated. Cumulus has deep domain expertise in ERP, manufacturing, and providing training, implementation, and project management services. We see this relationship as offering a winning combination.”

The combination of these strengths ensure to enhance financial reporting for manufacturers globally.

About Mondial Software

Mondial Software is a global provider of cloud-based tools for multi-ERP financial reporting and consolidations. Founded by a team of experienced accounting professionals who works across the global ERP software sector, Mondial serves customers worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.

About Cumulus Consulting

Cumulus was founded with a vision of fundamentally improving the way companies use innovative technology. The goal is to always develop mission-critical business applications. With deep roots in manufacturing, technology, and cloud ERP & MES systems, Cumulus has been successfully helping clients with digital transformations for over a decade. Cumulus has been steadily growing by at least 50% annually. For more information, visit

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