The Financial Reporting Software 2024 Guide

Harnessing the Power of Financial Reporting Software

The process of financial consolidation stands as a cornerstone activity, essential for accurate reporting and strategic decision-making. As businesses grow and operations become more complex, the demand for efficient financial reporting software becomes indisputable. Advanced features are crucial for navigating diverse regulations seamlessly.

Business Case for Software and Automation

The Foundation: Regulatory Frameworks

Keeping pace with regulatory changes is a challenge that businesses will have to address head-on.  In 2024, CFOs rely on cloud-based financial reporting software for compliance. Platforms align with financial legislation, updating frameworks for reports that reflect current standards.

The Error-prone Element of Manual Processes

Manual consolidation processes are fraught with the risk of human error, often leading to significant inconsistencies. Software mitigates risks by automating consolidation, reducing error likelihood in financial reporting. Systems feature robust out-of-the-box tools flagging discrepancies, ensuring accuracy and data integrity in finance.

Data Quality: The Heart of Financial Reporting

Data integrity is the lifeblood of accurate financial reporting. High-quality financial reporting software is designed to preserve the integrity of financial data through each step of the consolidation process. Software ensures data consistency and accuracy from entry to report generation, throughout its life cycle.

Intercompany Transactions and Cloud-Based Solutions

Intercompany transactions, often a complicated affair, are simplified through cloud-based financial reporting software. These systems can automatically reconcile and eliminate intercompany balances, mitigating compliance risks and streamlining internal workflows.

Currency Conversion and Compliance

As global businesses continue to operate across borders, currency translation becomes a significant concern. Software simplifies financial reporting, providing real-time conversion and reporting features for risk management and international compliance.

Taxation: A Strategic Approach with Financial Reporting Software

With the deft handling of tax implications and deferred taxes, financial reporting software stands as a critical tool for companies. Enabling strategic tax calculation and reporting, the software ensures compliance with diverse jurisdictional requirements.

Documentation and Audit Trails: The Backbone of Compliance

Clear and comprehensive documentation, alongside a detailed audit trail, is non-negotiable in the compliance sphere. Software creates, stores meticulous records for audit and regulatory scrutiny in financial reporting.

Popular Financial Reporting Software for 2024

ERP- Financial Reporting

Key Functionalities

Oracle NetSuite Financial Reporting

Streamlined financial reporting with prebuilt income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow reports, customizable for specific business needs. Stands out with customizable reports, integrating financial and operational data to tailor financial statements for unique company needs. NetSuite’s user-friendly financial reporting simplifies processes for businesses of all sizes, enhancing accessibility and reputation.

SAP S/4HANA Financial Reporting

SAP S/4HANA Finance integrates accounting, offering diverse reports for comprehensive coverage of core financial areas, enhancing financial management. It excels in general ledger, AP/AR, assets, and cash management, enabling detailed margin analysis and group reporting.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

In Business Central, the financial reporting framework empowers financial and business experts to not only create and view but also maintain and deploy a diverse range of financial statements. This system transcends the limitations of conventional reporting, offering enhanced efficiency in the design and generation of various report types. It comes equipped with a comprehensive set of tools, reports, and tracking functions specifically designed to assist auditors and controllers who oversee financial reporting. A key feature of this financial reporting is its inherent support for dimensions, ensuring that account segments and dimensions are readily accessible without the need for additional tools or configuration processes.


FloQast software is pivotal in automating accounting workflows and managing the closing process. These solutions enable organizations to efficiently handle their accounting close procedures, ensuring systematic tracking of reconciliations and other routine monthly activities. A significant advantage of FloQast’s software is its role in enhancing teamwork, which is crucial for achieving both accuracy and promptness in financial reporting. This efficiency in automating financial reporting processes has garnered trust and recognition from leading companies globally, underscoring its effectiveness in the financial sector.

Sage 300 Financial Reporter/ Sage Intacct and Sage General Ledger

The Sage 300 Financial Reporter is a versatile tool designed to facilitate the creation of financial statements and their specifications directly within Microsoft Excel. It seamlessly integrates with the Sage 300 General Ledger, allowing for efficient and accurate representation of financial data. This integration streamlines the process of financial reporting, making it more accessible and user-friendly by leveraging the familiar environment of Excel

Sage Intacct is a comprehensive solution that facilitates tracking and reporting of both financial and operational data, providing detailed insights into specific metrics. Additionally, it features dynamic financial dashboards and reporting tools. These capabilities empower businesses to construct, strategize, define, and assess critical performance indicators, enhancing their ability to make data-driven decisions and plan effectively.

Epicor Kinetic–Financials

Epicor Financials is tailored for manufacturing businesses, offering comprehensive control and automation of finance-related activities. In addition, it enhances team efficiency with cutting-edge add-on modules that digitalize and automate financial and accounting processes. Moreover, the software simplifies reporting and decision-making through advanced business intelligence, financial planning, and analysis tools. Emphasizing cloud-based modernization, it ensures up-to-date security and system efficiency. Furthermore, Epicor Financials facilitates integrated financial and operational planning across the company, enabling connections to multiple data sources to break down data silos. Its focus on automating workflows leads to increased operational efficiencies, fostering enhanced collaboration within finance and accounting departments, and supporting global business expansion.

Acumatica Reporting

Acumatica, specifically, offers a range of essential reports with each of its modules and suites, ready for immediate use with real-time data. Furthermore, these reports are customizable, and new ones can be created using Acumatica’s Report Designer, including templates for frequently used report types. Uniquely, Acumatica supports multi-dimensional reporting with subaccounts and segmented keys, allowing for detailed breakdowns by various dimensions such as price, color, or location. In terms of reporting features, Acumatica includes scheduling reports, generating signed PDFs, customizing reports with branding and images, creating real-time reports with applicable filters, and using Generic Inquiries for data access and sharing for further analysis. Additionally, it allows for report customization based on user roles, enhancing relevance and accessibility.


Workiva delivers a comprehensive financial reporting software solution that seamlessly connects data, documents, and teams. This software is tailored to automate and streamline manual financial reporting tasks, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, Workiva’s platform supports effective financial close reporting by integrating data from various sources, which boosts efficiencies and ensures the reliability of financial closing statements. Beyond financial reporting, the platform is equipped with tools for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting, audit, and risk management, creating a unified platform for diverse teams and processes. Workiva also offers resources and solutions to refine and improve financial reporting processes. Furthermore, it facilitates collaboration and control by breaking down data silos, especially between finance and accounting departments, thereby enhancing teamwork and operational synergy.

SAP Business One (B1)

SAP Business One offers an integrated financial management solution. Additionally, it encompasses accounting, financial reporting, and analysis, streamlining processes for accuracy and efficiency. Providing flexibility in reporting, users can generate both standard and customized financial reports from real-time data, facilitating up-to-date financial analysis. Within its Financial module, SAP Business One includes various standard financial reports, covering key aspects like General Ledger, Aging reports, G/L Accounts, and Business Partners. The accessibility to real-time financial data is a significant feature, crucial for efficient month-end closing and cost control. Moreover, the software enables the creation of detailed general ledger reports based on specific criteria, aiding in the thorough analysis of journal entries posted to particular accounts.

Overcoming System Limitations

The limitations of outdated or non-integrated systems can pose significant compliance risks. This is where the adaptability and integration capabilities of modern cloud based solutions become valuable. These solutions can often seamlessly integrate with existing systems, providing a unified platform for all financial reporting needs.

Staying Agile in a Changing Regulatory Landscape

Financial regulations are not static; they evolve. Cloud-based financial reporting software is inherently designed to be updated, ensuring that businesses are always aligned with the latest compliance requirements. This agility is vital for companies aiming to stay ahead in the compliance game.

Meeting Expectations through Transparency and Accuracy

Investors and stakeholders expect nothing less than full transparency and pinpoint accuracy in financial reports. Leveraging the deeper functionalities of financial reporting tools, companies can meet these expectations head-on, providing reports that inspire confidence and trust.

Bridging Skill Gaps with Advanced Software

A proficient financial team is essential, but even the most skilled professionals can benefit from the assistance of advanced software. Financial reporting software serves as an educational and functional tool, enhancing the team’s capabilities and ensuring that the financial reporting is of the highest standard.

Best Practices for Compliance

Adopting best practices for compliance is more straightforward with the right financial reporting software. Additionally, by leveraging technology, finance professionals can ensure that each step of the consolidation process adheres to industry best practices. This approach mitigates risks and reinforces the company’s reputation for reliability.

Embracing the Future of Financial Reporting Software

The proactive stance on compliance is non-negotiable as we approach 2024. Furthermore, automation is not merely a tool; it’s a strategic asset that supports the complex demands of financial consolidation and reporting. By embracing the advanced features of cloud-based financial reporting software, companies can navigate the compliance landscape with confidence, ensuring the integrity of their financial operations and the trust of their stakeholders.

In sum, as we look towards the future of financial reporting, software such as Oracle NetSuite, SAP S/4HANA Finance, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, among others, are set to play pivotal roles. These systems are not just about keeping up; they’re about staying ahead. Consequently, they ensure that businesses not only meet today’s compliance requirements but are prepared for tomorrow’s as well.

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