Can your Spreadsheets 100X the Speed and Accuracy of your Financial Reporting and Consolidations? 👇

Can it do real-time, accurate, auditable, compliant financial reports in any currency, in any language, in any international reporting standard from any ERP system?

Eliminate Risks and Bottlenecks in ERP and Spreadsheet Reporting

Different ERP’s are no longer a barrier to accurate consolidation 🍭

Mondial manages consolidations for group companies when some operate different ERP systems, have charts of accounts that are not the same, and even calendar periods that do not match.

Different ERP’s are no longer a barrier to accurate consolidation

Multi-ledger facility provides complete GAAP & IFRS reporting 📚

Mondial supports statutory reallocation postings for different regulatory needs, with the capability for all group P&L’s, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow statements to be run in any IFRS, GAAP or tax authority format required.

Multi-ledger facility provides complete GAAP & IFRS reporting

Global operating differences are automatically accounted for 🎉

Mondial stores detailed transaction information for every group company, can report accurately in any reporting currency required, and can map every chart of accounts to group or statutory standard versions.

Global operating differences are automatically accounted for

Real-time updates provide immediate information and alignment 🧿

At Mondial, transactions can be updated automatically in real time, allowing last minute adjustments in the ERP system to be immediately included in final reports, while ensuring complete synchronization of data across the enterprise.

Real-time updates provide immediate information and alignment

Complete audit trail offers groupwide insight and accountability 🔎

Mondial allows authorized report recipients to self-answer any question by simply drilling down from any balance on any report – however highly summarized – to view individual General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable line level detail.

Complete audit trail offers groupwide insight and accountability

Global team collaboration makes everyone a contributor ☄️

Mondial’s secure cloud-based deployment allows every authorized user, anywhere in the world to contribute to the consolidated reporting process using the same accounting dataset, whatever their ERP system or operating language.

Global team collaboration makes everyone a contributor
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Eliminate team stress and anxiety brought by disparate charts of accounts, multiple currencies and month-ends with just a few clicks

General Accounting Intelligence

  • Mondial intuitively understands fiscal periods, charts of account structures, transaction details and various types of balances.
  • Mondial simplifies processes by recognizing concepts such as current and year-to-date amounts, debit versus credit balances, and amounts in different currencies.

Consolidated Accounting Hub for all ERP Systems

  • Mondial stores every GL, AP and AR transaction from each source company to ensure that every report is based on complete and accurate information.
  • Users gain additional confidence because it is easy to identify missing or duplicate accounts.

Multi Currency Management

  • Every transaction from the underlying system is appended with and stored in whatever currency the user needs, from whatever source the currency rate is required.
  • A historically accurate trial balance can be produced in any currency and accessed on screen, printed or downloaded.

Revaluation of General and Trading Ledgers

  • Both soft (reporting) and hard (posting) revaluations can be performed at period end to ensure compliance with GAAP and IFRS requirements.
  • Financial statements from TB’s, to P&L’s and Balance Sheets can be displayed pre or post revaluation as required.

Adjustments that Support IFRS & GAAP Compliance

  • Transactions that are sometimes difficult to enter in the accounting system such as statutory reallocations or inter-company eliminations can be entered in Mondial without impacting underlying data.
  • Unique numbering sequence for all source and Mondial entered transactions provides a full audit trail across every company.

Alternate Chart of Accounts for Corporate or Statutory Reporting

  • An unlimited number of charts of account can be created in Mondial with direct account-to -account mapping from the existing chart of accounts in each source company
  • This allows corporate-wide or statutory-required charts of accounts to be used for reporting with out impacting source data

Flexible Report Creation and Maintenance

  • Mondial’s intuitive report writer supports unlimited and reusable templates with easy-to-manage row formats and column layouts.
  • Reports can be presented in multiple output formats including on the screen, via PDF, via email, via web site, downloadable to a spreadsheet, or electronic upload to an external repository.

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