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Why Businesses Are Turning To Mondial

At Mondial we help companies comply with their financial reporting obligations. Founded by accountants, for accountants, Mondial has been designed to reduce the pain of the period-end close, improve the accuracy and quality of reporting, and make the whole process easier and less stressful. If any of the following are familiar you are in the right place! 


Your need a report writer specifically designed for formatted P&L’s and Balance Sheets, not analytics


Your reporting data is not updated in real-time and this can lead to differences with your accounting system


You would like to create your own report layouts but all changes require scripting, programming or IT help


You want a transaction-based report writer because reports based on GL balances are not accurate enough


You need to consolidate across misaligned charts of accounts, multiple currencies or different year-ends


You need to report in foreign currencies that have not been set up in one or more of your companies

You’d like to make statutory reporting adjustments in a single application to maintain the audit trail

You would like to display information by dimension or cost center but your reporting tools don’t support this


You would love to be able to drill down to transaction detail from every balance on every report but you can’t


You often feel as if you don’t have control of the entire financial reporting process

See For Yourself

Watch this short, free video. Get a sense of how Mondial painlessly solves the problems of real-time reporting, using transaction-level data to produce company, consolidated and statutory financial reports that involve no programming, scripting, spreadsheets, or IT help.   

As you can see, Mondial is powerful and easy to use. It protects the huge investments your company has made in its ERP systems by aggregating accounting transaction data from different sources with no upgrades or changes. Mondial provides finance professionals at all levels with the ability to improve accuracy, even when adjustments are required to get the data right. Mondial offers reliable decision-support for senior executives and ensures increased confidence in the quality of reports submitted to investors and regulatory authorities. 

What To Do Next

If you are ready to take a closer look please sign up to attend a webinar or arrange a personal conversation/demo using the links below. Not ready? Click on the link to download our free whitepaper and learn more about what the future of financial reporting looks like. And if you are a reseller or independent consultant please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to walk you through our partner programs. 

We look forward to hearing from you.  

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