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Why Businesses Are Turning To Mondial

Consolidating accounting data held across different databases, servers and even ERP systems can be tricky. Throw in additional complications such as charts of accounts that don’t match, company year-ends that don’t coincide, trading periods of different lengths, and multiple operating currencies across the group, and corporate accountants finish up with a spreadsheet nightmare. Mondial automates consolidations even when all of these scenarios occur, making group reporting challenges a thing of the past.


Reduced Risk, Improved Accuracy and Peace of Mind in Financial Reporting


The charts of accounts in your different systems don’t match and are difficult to align in consolidated reports


Some companies operate in different currencies and translation is a spreadsheet nightmare


You have companies with different year end dates and there is no way to exclude year-end write down data


Some companies have unusual or different accounting period structures and it hard to align the systems


Your elimination entries are calculated in a spreadsheet so you lose the audit trail to final balances


Local accounts are prepared to a different GAAP or IFRS standard and adjustments are needed


The statutory reporting chart of accounts is completely different from your ERP system


Your current reporting tool only supplies balances so you cannot drill down to the actual transaction data

Watch this short, free video. Get a sense of how Mondial painlessly solves the problems of multi-ERP, multi-currency, multi-GAAP reporting, using transaction-level data to produce individual company and consolidated financial reports that involve no programming, scripting, spreadsheets, or IT help. 

As you can see, Mondial is powerful and easy to use. It protects the huge investments your company has made in its ERP systems by aggregating accounting transaction data from different sources with no upgrades or changes. Mondial provides finance professionals at all levels with the ability to improve accuracy, even when GAAP/IFRS and other adjustments are required to get the data right. Mondial offers reliable decision-support for senior executives and ensures increased confidence in the quality of reports submitted to investors and regulatory authorities. 

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