Multi-Ledger Financial Reporting 


Without Changing ERP Systems

Why Businesses Are Turning To Mondial

At Mondial we help companies like yours comply with statutory financial reporting obligations. Founded by accountants, for accountants, Mondial has been designed to reduce the pain of the period-end close, improve the quality of reporting, and make the whole process easier and less stressful. If any of the following are familiar you are in the right place! 


Your current tools are limited and you finish up doing most of your reporting in spreadsheets


You need to comply with multiple GAAP/IFRS reporting approaches with different accounting treatments


Your need to use a statutory chart of accounts for reporting that differs from the one in your ERP system


You need to accurately account for and manage reports in one or more currencies not in your ERP system


You need to create eliminations and consolidations but lose the audit trail when using a spreadsheet


You would like to drill-down from every reported balance to see all transactions at line-level detail


You would like to maintain reports yourself but all changes require scripting, programming or IT help


You often feel as if you don’t have control of the entire financial reporting process at all

Watch this short, free video. Get a sense of how Mondial painlessly solves the problems of multi-GAAP, multi-currency, multi-ERP reporting, using transaction-level data to produce company and consolidated financial reports that involve no programming, scripting, spreadsheets, or IT help.  

As you can see, Mondial is powerful and easy to use. It protects the huge investments your company has made in its ERP systems by aggregating accounting transaction data from different sources with no upgrades or changes. Mondial provides finance professionals at all levels with the ability to improve accuracy, even when GAAP/IFRS and other adjustments are required to get the data right. Mondial offers reliable decision-support for senior executives and ensures increased confidence in the quality of reports submitted to investors and regulatory authorities. 

To learn more please contact us. You can sign up for a webinar, arrange an informal conversation or – if you’re not quite ready – download and read our white paper to understand more about our approach to solving the challenges you face. 

We look forward to hearing from you.  

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