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For ERP System Users

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As you can see from the video, Mondial is a powerful, but easy-to-use, cloud-based financial reporting platform. It works in real-time with your ERP system. You can build, maintain and run accurate, auditable financial statements for internal management, parent companies, regulatory authorities and other external stakeholders.

With Mondial you can:


Eliminate manual processing and accelerate month-end close


Produce meaningful individual company and consolidated financial reports based on transactions, not balances


Include comparative data from an unlimited number of budgets


Drill down from every reported balance to detailed GL, AP and AR transactions


Output each report in multiple user formats as required including on-screen, PDF, and Excel


Gain immediate control of the entire financial reporting process

For companies with multiple operations or locations in different markets Mondial also supports each of the following: 


Incorporation of transaction data from other ERP or accounting systems


Automated reporting in any currency, even if that currency is not held in your underlying system


Automated mapping of different charts of account to group layouts or statutory standards for reporting consistency


Adjustments for – and reporting in – multiple GAAP/IFRS standards to ensure reporting compliance in all markets

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